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PREEN Technology uses artificial intelligence to power next generation robots that deliver high-precision — no-touch — car wash excellence

Unlock Value with PREEN

Carwash operators are excited about the transformative impact of the PREEN system. This cutting-edge technology not only boosts their profitability (through greater productivity, reduced maintenance and lower operating costs) but also positions them as industry leaders.

By embracing touchless cleaning, bay operators distinguish themselves from competitors, attracting a coveted customer base of car owners that prefer to avoid traditional spinning brush washes and their associated micro-scratches.

Pioneering the Future of Car Wash

Users are delighted with PREEN's carwash technology. It’s a technology that highlights limitations of existing systems. Using robots to wash cars ensures impeccable cleaning and drying results with zero contact. No more scratches or damage to custom parts. 

Beyond the obvious quality and speed benefits, a robotic car wash is an exhilarating and entirely novel venture for customers, their families, and friends. Every PREEN washing experience gives users a glimpse into the future.

Securing Your Ticket to the Future

Car wash machine manufacturers recognize PREEN as the future of the industry. The innovative technology not only expands their product portfolios but is poised to replace traditional hand-held jets, roll-over systems and low volume tunnels.

The touchless robotics car wash presents unparalleled advantages for both operators and end customers, setting a new standard for efficiency and excellence.

Embracing Sustainability

In addition to its groundbreaking technology, the PREEN car wash respects our planet and eco-system. By directing water and air use only where necessary, the system achieves significant savings in water, electricity, and soap consumption.

This commitment allows us to achieve a substantial reduction in the CO2 footprint of car washing, aligning with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices.

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Pioneering the Carwash Revolution

In a monumental shift for the car wash industry, PREEN Technology system, is rewriting the rules of wash quality, speed, efficiency and environmental responsibility. This groundbreaking robotic carwash isn't just a product; it's a technological turning point that has not been addressed for 75 years!

Behind the scenes, PREEN Technologies is the result of meticulous research and development undertaken by a Swiss team of engineers, working closely with leading universities and industry experts. This collaboration has produced an innovative solution that accurately scans and eco cleans vehicles without a single touch, ensuring the utmost care for paint and fragile components. It's the best wash available!

The robotic car wash is more than a machine; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection in car care.

Join us as we redefine the very essence of car washing, setting a new standard that transcends industry norms.

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